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Restaurant Towel Services

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Restaurant Towel Services

While having a kitchen towel service may not rank at the top of your list of priorities, it may be time to reconsider. Your kitchen towels need as much attention and care as the table linens and napkins presented to your guests. Towels can carry all sorts of bacteria and not having a way to properly wash and handle your kitchen towels could put your business at unnecessary risk. In addition, you want to maintain the towels used to shine your fine dining pieces carefully so they don't end up scratching your valuable pieces. You've likely spent a significant investment in towels already, but being sure to clean and care for them in the proper way will go a long way in extending their life and end up saving you money in the long run.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are the most commonly used towels in the food industry. They are durable and efficient and are used for cleaning table tops, counters and during food preparation. They can serve a dual purpose and be used as bar towels as well.

Bar Towel Rentals

Bar towels are made of 100% cotton which gives them the best softness and texture and keeps them from deforming even after rigorous use. Standard size for these towels is 16" x 16". They are highly absorbent and a necessity for any business where spills need to be cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

Glass Towels

Glass towels will really make glass shine to the max! They are especially designed to polish silverware and glass in restaurants, lounges and bars. Made with 100% cotton material, their standard size is 15" x 26". Standard colors are white with red stripes.

Grill Pads

Grill pads are used in the foodservice industry and in restaurants to clean commercial grills. They are much thicker than your regular kitchen towel and are made especially for the larger scale messes that occur in restaurant kitchens. These pads can also be used by kitchen staff as pot holders to remove scorching hot pots and pans coming off the grill.

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