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Massage Towel Services

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Massage Towel Services

We know that it takes a lot to have a great massage parlor. You need to make sure your clients are comfortable, your establishment is clean, and your staff is professional so that you can get the job done properly. Meeting all of these requirements will lead to a satisfying experience that your customers will remember forever. With that being said, we can put you in touch with reliable massage towel services to help you find the best hand towels, wash cloths, and bath towels. We know how hard it is running a profitable business and how the small details can take over the main objective. With the use of our reputable towel services, it goes without saying that your towels will always be of the utmost quality.

Hand Towels

Hand towels are made of 100% cotton. Their standard size is 16” x 27”. These towels are especially designed for use in massage, acupuncture, and medical offices. In addition, these towels provide customers with an upscale experience while saving on the cost of paper towels.

Wash Cloths

A wash cloth is a square shaped towel about the size of a hand towel. It is used by wetting, applying adequate skin products and then using the towel to apply them accordingly to the skin. This process removes dead skin cells more effectively than manual application. These towels are mostly used at massage locations and medical facilities.

Bath Towels (2 Sizes)

Bath towels are a must have for businesses such as spas, masseuses and physical therapists.
They are made of 100% cotton terry towel material and have a standard size of 22” x 44” and 30” x 58”. These towels allow customers to feel comfortable while having massage services performed or when drying off after a bath.

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