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Towel Service for Restaurants

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Towel Service for Restaurants

Bar Towel Rental

The most common type of towel used in a restaurant is the bar towel (also called terry towel). These towels are primarily used in the kitchen by the chefs, but are also used in the dining room for the tables and the bar. There are two things to consider when selecting a bar towel.

1) The most important aspect is the weight of the towel.

Check with the company representatives to see if they serve a 24, 28, 30, or 32 oz towel.

2) Towels should be counted, folded, and stacked.

This ensures towels are accounted for and organized upon delivery. Several of the larger national companies simply bag the towels and weigh them. With this method, no one is checking the quality, and often the counts are not accurate.

Both of these factors contribute to helping the restaurant save money. With a heavier towel, restaurant employees will use less towels. Having the pieces counted and stacked limits waste, and gives restaurants a precise count of what is being delivered. Fill it our form to locate local companies who supply bundled, premium bar towels.

Kitchen Towel Rental

Many restaurants use kitchen towels in addition to bar towels. These kitchen towels are generally more expensive than the standard terry towel. In addition to being used at the bar and in the dining room, these towels are often used to clean wine glasses. Kitchen towels are usually offered with a blue or green stripe.

Wash Cloth Service

Select restaurants also use a 12" x 12" wash cloth, primarily for hot towel service. These small hand towels can also be used to dry customers' hands in the restrooms.

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