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Restaurant Napkin Service and Rentals

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Restaurant Napkin Service and Rentals

Spun Polyester Napkins

Linen rental companies usually offer a large variety of colors in spun polyester napkins. These napkins provide great durability and hold folds well. They are also the most economical. This is because the linen suppliers are able to get the most washings out of them. Each of the linen service companies in the Linen Service network carry different colors, but all carry the industry standard colors. Almost all spun napkins are 20" x 20".

100% Cotton Napkins

One of the most preferred napkins offered by linen service companies is the cotton napkin. Cotton napkins are the most absorbent and useful. The drawback to these napkins is that they wear down quickly over time. Therefore, they must be purchased on a regular basis in order to maintain their structural integrity. The most common cotton napkin for restaurants is the momie napkin. The momie napkin is a great napkin for high end steak houses, fisheries, and bistros. The cotton momie napkin usually comes exclusively in white. The colored cotton napkins fade too quickly. Satin-band and damask are other cotton napkins, however are rarely used by food service providers due to their rental price.

Matte Satin Napkins

Another type of napkin offered by many linen service providers is matte satin. This material is generally used for events such as weddings and parties. It has a soft silky feel, however does not fold as well as spun polyester or cotton napkins. There are a variety of colors that matte satin napkins can come in. Most of these colors are only offered by specialty linen companies.

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