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Restaurant Mat Rental and Facility Services

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Facility Services

Mat Rental, Logos and Facility Services

Are your customers safe from slip-and-fall accidents? Is your restroom properly stocked and leaving a good impression? There are many products and services available to help keep your facility at its best while maintaining your business in accordance with CDC, ADA and OSHA requirements. Facility services, mat rentals and janitorial supplies can keep your business healthy and looking its best.

Floor Mat Rentals

Heavy duty carpeted floor mats with non-slip rubber backing are great for entrances and high traffic areas in your business. Help ensure your location's safety with floor mats in a vast range of styles and colors.

Logo Mat Rental

Logo mats are a great solution to help promote your brand and keep your restaurant safe. Decrease dirt from foot traffic by stopping it at the front door. Logo mat rental services will reduce the risk of falls for customers and employees. These custom logo mats will also decrease the maintenance costs of your restaurant floor over time.

Paper Towels

There are a wide variety of paper products and towel dispensers that can be supplied according to the needs of your business. This service is not just limited to the delivery of paper towels; there are also services available to manage inventories so you can focus on what is important to your business.

Tissue Paper

There are many different options for tissue paper and warehouses full of choices to fit any business. Being stocked with tissue paper at all times and ready for use will keep customers and employees feeling comfortable at your location.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a great solution to foul odors. There are multiple fragrances of air freshener for any type of business. These air fresheners can fit into the décor of the business while improving the scent of your location. Many different types of businesses can benefit from this service including gyms, restaurants, doctors’ offices, etc.

Floor Mop Rentals

Durable mops ideal for frequent use. Ask about the sizes and colors available in both dust mops and wet mops.

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