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Medical Towel Rental Service

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Medical Towel Rental Service

Bath Towels

Linen rental companies offer a variety of bath towels to rent. Bath towels are 100% terry towels and come in a variety of sizes. The most popular size is the 22" x 44". It provides the user great functionality, while maintaining a low cost to the business. These bath towels are great for medical offices, massage centers, and day spas.

Bath Blankets

Many surgery centers, doctors' offices, and hospitals also rent bath blankets from linen service companies. They are great for keeping patients warm on their beds. Many bath blankets are stored in warmers so they are especially comfortable to patients.

Surgical Towels

Surgical towels are another great item to rent. Surgical towel rentals have a wide variety of uses, and they provide a great alternative to the "linen like" towels delivered in disposable surgical packages. The surgical towel rentals delivered by the linen services in the Linen Service network are laundered using strict washing guidelines. In addition to being extremely sanitary, they are also better for the environment than disposable products.

Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets are also used by linen companies to provide the most possible heat to patients. Many facilities keep these on hand to use in certain circumstances, while using the bath blanket rentals on a regular basis.

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