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Medical Patient Gown Service

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Patient Gowns

Patient Gowns

Patient gowns are necessary for many business and medical facilities. Many operators choose to use disposable gowns, but those lack many features of a linen gown. Patient gown rentals are a cost effective way to provide patients a superior, more comfortable product. In addition to being softer and more soothing to the patient, linen patient gowns do not get damaged the way disposable ones do. Patient gowns come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. The companies we work with at Linen Service offer a wide variety of quality rental patient gowns that will be sure to fit every medical facility's needs.

Exam Gowns

An exam gown is a specific type of patient gown, designed to provide medical staff easy access to work on the patient. They either open in the front or the back. Exam gown rentals from the linen companies who work with Linen Service are delivered fresh, clean, and folded.

Pediatric Gowns

Pediatric gowns are small patient gowns designed for children. It is a good idea to keep several on hand, so children will have the proper gowns available when necessary.

Jumbo Gowns

Like pediatric gowns, jumbo gowns are usually stored for special patients. Often called 6XL gowns, these patient gowns for rent come in select patterns and can help make larger patients more comfortable at the facility. Fill out our form to find quality, local companies to service all of your patient gown rental needs.

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