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Medical Facility Services & Supplies

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Medical Facility Services & Supplies

Linen Lockers

Linen lockers can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your business needs. These lockers are used to keep your linens fresh, sorted and readily available for when you need them. These lockers can come with a security system to make sure your uniforms, protective clothing and personal items are safe.

Linen Stands

Linen stands can be used to carry medical linens or supplies with ease to patients' room’s or anywhere they are needed. Linen stands are an essential part of any doctor’s office or hospital.

Linen Hampers

These hampers serve a dual purpose as they are equally useful for the collection of soiled linens or trash. Standard size for these hampers are approximately 40 gallons. These hampers require bags or liners depending on which function they are being used for.

Biohazard Bags

Biohazard bags are used to clearly identify and isolate hazardous medical waste. They are a must have for any healthcare facility. These bags are puncture resistant which is perfect for the disposal of any sharp medical object.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are a must have for any business type. Floor mats help prevent slip-and-falls associated with a dirty or wet floor. They also can provide a unique look to your business.

Logo Mats

The right floor mat can help ensure safety at your location for your staff as well as your patients. Logo floor mats serve the dual purpose of safety and advertisement. Having your company logo on your mats gives patients confidence that they are in an established medical facility.

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