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Hotel Facility Services

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<h3>Hotel Facility Services</h3>

Floor Mats/Logo Mats

Make a great first impression the minute a customer walks through your doors! Rental mats are the ideal solution to provide safe flooring without any hassle. Avoid tracking water and soil onto your hotel’s floors. Floor mats decrease the risk of liability, extend the lifetime of your flooring, and are super absorbent. Floor mats come in a variety of sizes and a company logo can be added to create a personalized touch.

Paper Products

Keeping your tissue and paper towel dispensers clean and full is a great service and keeps your hotel guests comfortable and happy. The best part of hiring a company to take care of this is so that you don’t have to remember to do it. However minimal it may seem, it is important for your patron’s hygiene and well-being.


Antibacterial soaps and sanitizers can help prevent the spread of bacteria at your hotel by your customers and employees. There are many different types of soap available including lotion and foam options. It is so important to ensure the soap dispensers are always full and ready for hotel patrons and employee use.

Cleaning Agents

Your hotel restroom is just as important to your customers as their other hotel accommodations. There are many cleaning supplies available that are able to get into areas mops can’t reach. By using these products the outcome is a spotless restroom that looks pristine and smells just as amazing.

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