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Uniform Rental and Cleaning Services

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Uniform Cleaning

Automotive Uniforms

Automotive shops and dealerships are big on appearances. The appearance of your facility gives your customers an inside look on the service you provide. If your shop looks sloppy customers may perceive your work to be sloppy as well. Technicians work under tight spaces, use complex equipment and are exposed to all types of temperature. They require a uniform that is comfortable, yet durable, allowing them the most flexibility while looking neat and presentable. This is quite a task. A uniform linen service professional can help you choose the best automotive uniform for your business.

Shop Towels

Shop towels are a must have for any automotive business. Whether you’re a dealer, mechanic, car wash, or exotic car shop, shop towels are an essential part of your business. Shop towels should be cleaned rigorously, making sure all the debris have been removed to ensure when they are reused that they will not damage any paint or metal on the vehicle being worked on.

Work and Business Attire

A one size fits all approach for business attire just does not work now a days. Every person is built differently and every uniform should conform to the person wearing it. A linen service company can provide uniform service specifically made for your industry and make the transition a pleasant one for your employees.

Industrial Uniforms

Full service industrial uniform rentals eliminates headaches and the cost of operating an on-site laundry facility. You can make sure your employees always have a uniform that is clean and ready for use.

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