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Hotel Linen Rental Service

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Hotel Laundry

Bed Sheets

Flat sheets are rectangular sheets of cloth which go over a fitted bed sheet. Bed sheets are traditionally white but come in a variety of colors. The quality of a sheet is determined by the thread count. High thread count = high quality sheets. Fitted sheets differ from flat sheets as they have all four corners fitted with elastic. The purpose of a fitted sheet is to keep it from slipping off of the mattress while the bed is in use.


Hotel pillowcases should be laundered in the same manner as hotel bed sheets. These items need to be kept fresh and clean for the hotels guests which utilize them. This will provide a great hotel experience and keep them coming back to your hotel. Pillowcases should be free of any rips or stains and be soft to the touch. Standard size is 42” X 36”.

Quality Bath Towels

Bath towels are made from 100% terry cotton. This allows for great water absorption and fast drying time for customers that utilize these towels. The good thing about renting bath towels is it cuts down the upfront cost of consistently needing to purchase new towels due to customer stains and mildew odors. 

Hand Towels

These towels are ideal for hand drying in any high end hotel. Typically these towels are provided in white but come in other colors as well. Standard size for a hotel hand towel is 16” X 27”.


A thick, comfy robe is the perfect item to slip into after a long day, or just to wear when lounging around your hotel room. These robes can be embroidered with your hotel's logo to help promote your hotel business. These robes are made from 100% terry cloth and come in a variety of sizes.

Housekeeping, Front Desk & Kitchen Uniforms

Hotel staff uniforms should be functional, stylish and comfortable. Hospitality jobs can be very demanding and an uncomfortable uniform should not have to add more stress to the position. Happy employees will have more patience working with hotel patrons. There are a variety of styles available for all of your hotel's staff, from housekeeping to the kitchen to the front desk and everything in between.

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